Pre-listing Home Inspections

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Pre Listing Home Inspection

Home inspections for pre-listing (Sellers)

A pre-listing home inspection can make the selling process easier, more stress-free, and more rewarding.

Maximize your Return, Save Money

Home inspections are often used by home buyers. However, sellers also have a lot riding in this transaction. After an inspection, you may need to negotiate repairs, price reductions, or, if there are more serious issues, the buyer’s revocation.

You can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and negotiate a higher price by having it inspected before you list it. You’ll have plenty of time to fix any issues before you list. You can fix issues as you wish, without any deadlines.


Avoid surprises, sell with confidence

Negotiations should be more controlled to ensure a smoother and faster transaction. You can be caught off guard by the findings of a buyer’s inspection. You will be pressured to fix the problem fast or reduce the price if this happens. The transaction could be in danger if a serious problem is found or negotiations end in a stalemate. When a deal is canceled, nobody wins.


We respect your property and your time

During the selling process, many strangers will enter your home. Some are more respectful than others. We will treat your property and time as if it were our own. We will always arrive on time and do everything possible to prevent any damage to your property. It should seem as if we never left.


We offer a different perspective

It is your home. It’s probably something you know. You might overlook or underestimate some problems. Because a home inspector has the training and experience to see things most people don’t, a home inspection can still be very helpful. When assessing problems, your home inspector will also have a lot of experience.

Pre-listing inspections, which are usually used by home buyers, are becoming more popular.


Home for sale inspection
home for sale inspection

How to prepare for the inspection

There are a few things that you can do as a seller to prepare for an inspection. Preparation will make the inspection run smoothly and increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers.



Although it may seem obvious, it is important that your home be as clean and tidy as possible. This will not only increase the appeal of your home but also makes it easier for inspectors to access different areas and make it more accessible.


All utilities are connected

To be able to test water flow, electric outlets, water heaters, and furnaces, the inspector must have all utilities connected. The home inspector won’t be able to inspect the property without the utilities connected.


Appliances can be connected and are working

The home inspector cannot turn on appliances that aren’t connected to power, water, oil, or gas. Appliances should work properly and any appliances that are not working should be removed.



Brushes and other exterior obstructions

Try to create a path around the house in winter. Clear away all branches and overgrowth that may have come in contact with your home during the summer.


Number of the House

Although it may seem absurd, make sure that the house number is clearly visible from the street. You want people to be able to find the house easily.



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