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My wife and I inherited a home and we had Tim Blue inspect it from top to bottom. He did a very thorough and professional job, and his report was extremely useful for us. I highly recommend A+ home Inspections and Tim Blue.

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Pre-Purchase ( Buyer’s) Home Inspections

A home is a major investment. Don’t Go in Blind.

Pre-purchase inspections are a great way to save money and get peace of mind.

When you buy a new home, there are likely to be problems. These problems can add up to a significant expense. You can view a home inspector as a safety blanket that protects you against poor investments. The seller might not have disclosed any problems during the inspection, which can help you negotiate more effectively.


The Emotional Roller Coaster

A stressful experience of buying a home, there are many ups and downs. It’s easy to become attached before you purchase a home, which makes it difficult to see potential problems. This is why it is important to have an independent inspector trained in home inspections to assess the condition. It is possible to avoid unpleasant surprises later on and feel confident about your decision.


It’s More Than Just Money.

An inspection of your home can help you save money. It protects your family. Dangerous handyman work, old electrical systems, lead pipes, and other hazards can cause safety problems. We will check your home for any safety concerns, such as electrical hazards, structural problems, and hazardous materials.


First-Time Home Buyers

We strongly encourage you, especially first-time homebuyers, to come along for the inspection. We will show and guide you through the home to help you become familiar with the layout of the home as well as the location for any gas or water shutoff valves. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We will even provide home maintenance tips, especially if it’s your first time owning a house.

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